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    I Put Pants On For This?: Stories In Defense of Staying Home

    “Jackson Banks falls in the category of humorists who are able to relate from their own lives by focusing on the events of everyday life. As a fan of humor, I know to do this well takes a certain talent that Mr. Banks definitely has.”

    -Richard L. Pastore, Amazon Reviewer

    “Lots of laughs and a great way to pass my time on a recent plane ride.”

    -Carrie, Amazon Reviewer

    “‘I Put Pants on for This?’ is well-edited and I read it quickly, although interrupted many times by laughter.”

    -Dan Kahlin for Readers’ Favorite

    Are you the type of person who makes plans and immediately regrets it? Is your idea of a fun night watching your favorite TV show or reading on the couch? In I Put Pants on for This?, Jackson Banks confirms in his latest book why staying home is sometimes the best plan.

    Whether it’s getting lost in the desert outside Las Vegas, kidnapped in the Caribbean, or having a romantic getaway end in a hospital stay, I Put Pants on for This? takes you along for a hilarious ride through misadventures in places near and far, all from the comfort and safety of your own home.

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