I Put Pants On for This (Medium)Are you the type of person who makes plans and immediately regrets it? Is your idea of a fun night watching your favorite TV show or reading on the couch? In I Put Pants on for This?, Jackson Banks confirms in his latest book why staying home is sometimes the best plan.

Whether it’s getting lost in the desert outside Las Vegas, kidnapped in the Caribbean, or having a romantic getaway end in a hospital stay, I Put Pants on for This? takes you along for a hilarious ride through misadventures in places near and far, all from the comfort and safety of your own home.



I Put Pants on for This?: Stories in Defense of Staying Home

Current Mood (Small)

Current Mood is a hilarious read pointing out the absurdity and comicality of everyday life.

Throughout the collection of personal essays, Jackson takes the reader on a journey through his marriage: learning the hard way his new wife’s cat is the one who really wears the pants in the family; trying to tackle a do-it-yourself plumbing project gone horribly awry; setting boundaries with a meddlesome mother-in-law; awkward family dinners; and embarking on an anniversary couples’ massage that almost ends in his murder.

Jackson also examines the hazards of leaving the comfort of the marital home from being attacked repeatedly by angry birds, embarking on a canoe trip that almost turns into a search and rescue mission, and venturing into one of the worst places of all – the gym.

Jackson Banks will keep the reader entertained and laughing page by page in his debut book.

Current Mood