Book Review: Razorblade Tears

Author: S. A. Cosby

Rating: 5/5

Published: 2021

Isiah and Derek have been murdered. The couple had an adopted daughter, promising careers, and friends who cared about them. Police don’t have any leads on the killers, and don’t seem too interested in pursing the investigation. 

The mens’ fathers, Ike Randolph and Buddy Lee come from different backgrounds, but have three things in common: 1) they’re both ex-convicts, 2) they are riddled with guilt over their homophobic reaction to their respective sons and their marriage, and 3) a growing rage over the death of their children. When the police investigation slows to a crawl, the two grieving fathers decide to take matters into their own hands and investigate the case using their own brand of street justice. 

Ike and Buddy Lee soon discover that Isiah, a journalist, had been working on a story that involved a transgender woman who had the potential to expose a powerful individual who wished for their relationship to remain hidden. The fathers then embark on a quest to find the woman and ultimately the person they think is responsible for their sons’s death.

Secrets are meant to be hidden, however, and when Ike and Buddy Lee begin digging around the powerful and dangerous people take notice. These individuals enlist the help of a dangerous motorcycle gang to stop Ike and Buddy Lee from discovering the truth of what happened to their sons. As the violence escalates, the two fathers find themselves fighting for their own lives and the lives of the family they have left. 

A solid vigilante thriller with a Sons of Anarchy flavor, Razorblade Tears is a hard-to-put-down page turner worth the read. In addition to the suspense and action, the novel contains well-developed and flawed characters the reader easily roots for as they fight their external battles. Perhaps more importantly, the reader finds themselves cheering as Ike and Buddy Lee fight to conquer their own internal battles for personal growth and redemption.

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